RDP Hermanus
RDP Hermanus
RDP Hermanus
RDP Hermanus
RDP Hermanus
RDP Hermanus
Our Purpose

To coordinate the activities of local organization and interested groups to encourage them to participate and involve themselves in the local Reconstruction and Development Programme
to the best benefit of the social and economic advancement of the residents of this area.

Our Clients
  • The Unemployed
  • People that never had the opportunity to attend mainstream schools
  • The elderly
  • Children in poor health
  • HIV positive persons and AIDS sufferers
  • Learners
Area of Operation

The RDP Forum primarily focuses on the suburbs of:

  • Zwelihle
  • Mt Pleasant
  • Hawston

The RDP Forum had been founded in 1995 with the propose to interface with poor communities directly in order to decrease social-economic hardships in the spheres of especially health, education and employment.

Goals of the RDP

To help in the identification of and building consensus within the community on needs of the community and the prioritization of addressing the identified needs.

To formulate programmes and projects to fulfill the needs of the RDP

To evaluate, together with local government the cost of addressing prioritized needs

To work with local government to combine the programmes and projects into a local development plan within the frame work of the national RDP and the development policy framework set by the provincial government

To work with local government to promote, monitor, evaluate and where necessary, adjust the implementation of the local development plan.

To help specialists and specialist organizations in the promotion and building of necessary capacities.

To help in the flow of information within the community

To work closely with local business and industrial organizations towards building a sound local economy to the advantage of work creation and the economic advantage of all residents.

Work closely with local educational and social welfare organizations towards social upliftment of the community